Vice President, Product Development, Orion Health


Gareth leads the Product Development Group for Orion Health, looking after the teams building Orion Health’s products in its four development centers in Auckland, Christchurch, Canberra, and Bangkok.

Gareth believes in the benefit of marrying agile practices with the level of quality assurance that the health industry demands. As an advocate for the role of software in the “NZ Inc.” knowledge economy, Gareth works with universities and industry bodies to promote the evolution of technical education in the secondary and tertiary sectors to address an ever-increasing demand for skilled creators of software.

Gareth left an earlier career as a piano teacher and musician to undertake a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, work as a Software Engineer, and then later complete an MBA at the University of Auckland. Prior to joining Orion Health in 2010, he was leading the development teams at Kiwiplan, a successful New Zealand software house supplying 600 customer sites in the packaging manufacturing industry.