Kalman is the CTO at Movio, an Auckland-based start-up, where he oversees the technical team. Kalman was the first employee at Movio and brought with him 15 years of experience from a diverse technical background into building and running a successful dev team. His focus is to bring Movio at the forefront of today’s most innovative technology, becoming a leading reference in the Australasian technology space usingFunctional Programming and NoSql.

Movio is the global leader in marketing data analysis and campaign management for cinema exhibitors and distributors. Working with cinema exhibitors and distributors in six regions worldwide, Movio maintains real-time, authoritative data on the loyalty activity and transactions of over 26 million customers. In the last two years, Movio has been through an enormous growth, moving from 1 employee to 25. Although Movio is a relatively small company, it has managed to attract code ninjas both locally and internationally.

“I am passionate about helping raise the bar with respect to software quality and software craftsmanship,” says Kalman. “My management style is to hire extremely capable people with strong autonomy. This enables a very flat structured self-managing team.”

Kalman speaks regularly at local meetups relating to Big Data, Functional Programming, Scala and runs regular Code Retreats to keep himself and others at the top of their game, like musicians practice before a big gig.