Troy is a lover of social and modern sourcing and is passionate about our industry as a whole and his part in this industry.

He has helped many recruitment companies in NZ to launch and or to re-emerge as leaders int their marketplace. He is a seasoned in technology sourcing and selection with ten years experience internationally including Australia, United Kingdom and now six years in the New Zealand market.

He has recruited for a range of IT positions from low level support to specialised senior IT roles and has an extensive network within the IT candidate domain throughout Wellington and Auckland.

He has worked with many public and private organisations and assisted them acquire talent across the IT spectrum through to CIO.

Over the last 6 years, Troy has been looked to as a thought leader for IT recruitment in Wellington and has assisted many organisations to grow and replace their Talent. Troy has also been highly successful in New Zealand bidding and winning on over 15 retained and exclusive recruitment projects that have all been successfully delivered.

Recently Troy has joined Vend where his role Talent & Innovation Manager is to help Vend continue their amazing growth and look at new and innovative ways to attract and retain talent.
Troy tweets at @TroyHammo